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  • Shortly before the ticket pre-sale kicks off, we have some important information for you. Answers to ticket price questions, discounts, reduced tickets prices, group ticket discounts and further more will be explainend in the following text.

    The early bird safe some money. At least by us! When you decide to buy your ticket already this year you can get a cheaper tickets compared to the event day ticket prices.
    For more informations you can have a look on the pictures below. The link to our shop will be available on our website this Friday. Follow us on the website and on social media and don´t miss any further information.

    Group ticket Discount:
    From the 29. September 2017 onwards you will have the possibility to send us an special request on our website for order a larger ticket numbers. It´s totally worth it! Every 20 day ticket you get a € 20,-- coupon. With this you are able to buy anything you want on our event . A three day ticket counts like three „day tickets“.
    Attention: This offer only counts for contacting us on the website. We can´t give you a coupon if you´re buying those tickets on our Eventim- Shop!

    Children and young people up to the age of 12 (on the day of the event) have free access to the standing place area.
    Special tickets for handicapped people (for example wheelchair drivers) only on request on our website.